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  • Bunmi Laditan

Astronaut Space Projector

A lot of adults and children use phones and tablet to regulate and calm down, but at the end of a long day I like to watch stars and colors projected on a dark ceiling using this

Astronaut Space Projector. I found it on Amazon from TikTok and have never regretted it.

It's especially relaxing if you put on an audio book or relaxing music. There are many different options and it's very peaceful to fall asleep to (not too bright). The astronaut head is attached to the body by a powerful magnet but is easy to move around to point the projected stars and nebulas in any direction you'd like.

You can choose between still and slowly moving stars and colors. It's quite beautiful.

Children and adults alike- especially those who enjoy space- will love this. It's a family favorite.

You can find it in my Amazon store HERE.

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