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  • Bunmi Laditan

Favorite Thing: Noise Reducing Earplugs

If you have sensory sensitivity, you know what it is to experience overload to the point of annoyance or distress, depending on how you express these things.

But sometimes we still have to be places and take care of people.

People often mistake noise reducing earplug for noise cancelling earplugs. Noise reducing ones allow you to hear what's going on around you, the sound is simply muted.

You can still hear your child talking to you or a barista taking your order, what you won't hear are any very loud, unnecessary sounds like the overhead music in a grocery store, dishes clinking in a restaurant, or side conversations.

These will be muted into almost nothing or gone.

The ones I bought and use are TheFitLife Noise Reducing Earplugs. This isn't sponsored, but I do have an Amazon storefront and earn commissions. I bought these a few years years ago and keep them in the nice screw-on capsule they come with in my bag.

The #1 place I use these is at home near the end of the day. I find that's when I'm most "noised out." One on one conversations are fine, but often it's the background sounds that are just as loud of foreground sounds that need muting.

If you're the kind of person who hears everything, these will be helpful. I have them in black, but they come in other colors.

They're very comfortable and can barely be seen. They have them in clear as well, I believe.

You can see them in my Neurodivergent Favorite Things part of my store HERE.

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