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  • Bunmi Laditan

Lunchbox Note #1

Alright baby, there’s school tomorrow. If you have a case of the Sunday scaries, I want to let you know everything’s going to be ok.

I know it’s hard. There’s lots to think about and keep track of. Just do what you can and that’s enough. I love seeing you try. Wow. Look at you go!

You know the things you’re good at? The things you like to do? Remember them if you hit a challenging patch ok?

Also, I need you to know you’re one smart cookie. There are many ways to be smart. Some people are great at math, others writing or art, some people are excellent at understanding others and knowing what’s going on with them. Some people are terrific with animals or problem solving. Others are amazing friends.

Tomorrow is another opportunity to learn what you’re good at, what your special gift is that will help others and yourself.

Ok I hope you have a fun day. Don’t forget to play.



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