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  • Bunmi Laditan

You're doing well enough

Dear Autistic people, my peeps with ADHD, those with both or those whose brain is different in another way,

It’s a tough thing to believe your best isn’t quite good enough.

A doctor once found that by age 12, children with ADHD received 20,000 more negative messages from parents, teachers, etc more than their friends and siblings who don’t have ADHD.

I’m sure the same goes for people in similar but different boats.

I happen to believe you’re doing well enough.

And even on days you can’t do your best, you’re doing well enough.

A human being’s worth isn’t tied to what they can accomplish, how much homework they do, what job they have, their title, or anything like that.

You’re God’s creation and have intrinsic value. You’re a one of a kind soul even on bad days.

Does that mean we give up and stop trying? No. But it means no matter how frustrated people get with us or how frustrated we get with ourselves, we remember we have a treasured place in this world.

There’s so much beauty in the way your mind works.

There’s beauty in the way your eyes sparkle and the way you see things.

There is beauty in how you love others so deeply.

So stay awhile and know you’re doing well enough ok?

The piles will get taken care of. You’re more important than any to-do list. Proud of you.

Keep going. Rest as needed.

Look at some nature today even if it’s on a screen.

It’ll remind you worth isn’t a matter of accomplishments. You’re infinity times more precious than any flower or waterfall and who can deny the preciousness of them? See? That’s math.



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